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Coworking: 5 Tips to improve your teamwork

For ages it has been known that teamwork is the key to achieve better results in any task due to the physical and psychological aptness of those involved. In other words, more minds can lead to neatter solutions, and more bodys will contribute to solid outcomes.

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This has become even more noticeable thanks to the arrival of the coworking philosophy, which works as a methodology based on joining up different industries into the same space, where each one can solve their primary purpose while tying alliances with teams from a completely different industry.


Well, because – for example – you may come into a new resolution thanks to someone who has seen the problem from a contrasting point of view.

However, it is not easy to coordinate a whole team in order to get where the goals are, so you have to be a reliable leader to guide your peers to a clean success while optimizing the resource’s use. Now, if you’re really interested about the correct team management to achieve better results, then you should keep reading this short article about some important tips to improve your teamwork based on the coworking methodology.

  1. Enable different communication channels

As its well known, communication is very important to any business, and it gets even more fundamental when you work in an open environment as the coworking proposes.

So, if you want to have a company that functions as well as a swiss watch, you must facilitate numerous channels, such as private emails, weekly meetings, groupal chats or a phone number, among many other alternatives.

This will help you to identify any misunderstanding and solve it as soon as possible, give instructions, ask for assistance, receive new ideas, etc.

  1. Get a task management tool

It is obvious that nowadays almost everything is flowing on the web, and all businesses must be adapted to those new trends. So, to achieve this is important to get a task management tool, which allows you to set dutys to a particular person on a due date, and create a fixed path for every task to be successfully finished.

These tools will ease your functions, help your team what their obligations are, resolve any issue in a blink of an eye, and keep every single aspect under control.

  1. Remember: You’re part of a team


Listen what every single member of your team has to say, and soon you’ll have an enriched perspective about your whole project.

Forget about taking your own decisions, try to find and empower your teammate’s strengths, prise what’s correctly done and take any failure as personal, so you and your team will learn to perform a better process next time.

  1. Invest some time coaching your teammates

Even though you are the head of your team, it is crucial to train every single member of it, so everyone will be on the same page, knowing what’s happening, and what has to be done.

If you think that coaching is a waste of time, you should try to find any other solution so no one will be lost in the process.

  1. Your company may work alongside a diverse community

One of the most important benefits of working on a coworking environment, is that you can get an opinion from a person who’s a complete outsider of your company. This may help you understand how your project can be seen from a different eye, and take actions to improve it.

Also, you can adopt new working methods from other teams, so you will achieve better results in less time.


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