Custom offices in Bogotá

Oficinas a la Medida en Bogotá

Custom offices
in Bogotá

In Red Brands you will find the best services on leasing of custom offices in Bogotá.

With our system of custom offices, we have integrated all our experience on designing, build, adequate and equip tailored offices made according to your preferences.

Oficinas a la Medida Bogotá

Devote yourself to your business, develop any project without high initial investments and without capex budgets. Thus, with our tailor-made offices in Bogotá, pay a single invoice for leases, administration, public services and technology. We amortize your initial investment at the time you need.

Custom offices in Bogotá to your company. In Red Brands we manage the entire project

  • Realization and taking of the property
  • Location, space and footage according to your need
  • Custom office design
  • Hiring of tailored telephony, data and internet service
  • Communications infrastructure
  • Design and implementation of data networks
  • Instalación de cableado estructurado – Puntos de red
  • Configuration of Wireless Networks
  • Access Control and Closed Circuit Television
  • Audiovisual and communication aids
  • Provision of all furniture
  • Executive offices, work stations, boardrooms, trainings
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of facilities
  • Human resources (Reception, General Services – Messaging
  • Cleaning and cafeteria supplies

In Red Brands we offer these following services

  • Permanent or temporary offices.
  • Leasing of furnished and fully equipped offices, includes administration, public services, adjustments, furniture and technology.
  • Leasing of custom offices according to the client’s look and feel.
  • Leasing of turnkey offices.
  • Adecuaciones de oficinas a la medida Bogotá, en tiempo récord.
  • Espacios de Trabajo Corporativos.
  • Ofrecemos estaciones de trabajo, oficinas operativas y oficinas gerenciales, salas de juntas, salas de capacitaciones, con todas las ayudas audiovisuales.
  • Equipos de Computo.